This is our flagship event and is, quite possibly, the most mentally and emotionally challenging in the Dawn Chasers Series. We are proud to offer what we believe to be the only event like this in the UK. Not many people can say that they’ve climbed 175ft at night by head torch and then slept the rest of the night on a thin piece of nylon suspended from the rock face! It will take nerve, strength and determination.

This event is for just two people at a time and no climbing experience is necessary as you will receive full training in preparation for the epic night ahead. You will be very well looked after - hotel accommodation, 2x breakfasts and 2x three course meals are included. You will be supported by a team of two highly experienced climbing instructors and one further member of support crew.

Using a carefully selected venue in North Wales and starting well after the sun has gone down, the prevailing weather conditions will dictate how the night climb is achieved. If its dry then we'll will climb the rock, If its wet then fixed ropes no wider than a finger will be used to ascend  using special devices. Neither option is easy and whilst possibly the least physically challenging of the Dawn Chasers events this is possibly the most mentally and emotionally taxing.    

An instinctual wariness of the dark is one thing but add to that an ingrained fear or healthy respect of heights and the emotional challenge goes up a notch.  

But at least at the end of the climb its possible to relax as you sleep for the remainder of the night in the tent.  The tent that's attached to the side of the cliff way off the ground... oh and you'll have to sleep in your harness too as you'll need to stay attached all night. Sweet dreams... Your instructors will wake you just before official sunrise (assuming you've slept) with a quality cup of coffee brewed from a hanging stove.  And, as you unzip the tent in the early morning light, you'll see for the 1st time exactly where, and how high, you are. Drink it in, the sunrise, the coffee, the position...

To finish, it will either be a climb out to the top of the crag and a walk off  or a big abseil down to the base of the cliff.  Your instructors will then drive you back to Betws-y-Coed for breakfast, you've earned it!

The cost is £2000 for up to 2 people.  

Dates and booking by arrangement. Please get in touch to discuss.